Property Advisory

Property Advisory

Buying a property is a major transaction for everyone – one that requires careful planning and knowledge of the types of property available, taxes and government policies, and long term structuring..

For the LGBTQ+ community, buying a property alone, or with a partner, can be even more challenging without access to the right public information to help them navigate the field. Added to that,  it is not easy raising the subject to traditional real estate agents who have no experience managing LGBTQ+ housing needs.

At PRIDENT, our resident property advisors will provide 1-1 consultation  on your LGBTQ+ housing matters:

  1. HDB Home Sale and Purchase (BTO/Resale)
  2. Private Property Sale and Purchase
  3. Property Investment (Residential & Commercial)
  4. Home/Room Rental Services (LGBTQ+ Friendly)
  5. Property Portfolio Structuring
  6. Asset Progression Planning
  7. Housing Aid for Low Income Individuals

Please drop us an enquiry at and our resident property advisors will schedule a free discussion with you.


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