Legal & Estate Planning

Legal & Estate Planning

We all know for sure that in Singapore does not recognise same-gender marriage legally. Do you know that many other important arrangements for our businesses and our lives can still be legally recognised?
Useful things to know:
We can legally assign our partners to make decisions and act on our behalf should we lose mental capacity one day. The two broad areas where such decisions can be made are in personal welfare and property & affairs matters.

There may come a time where we are terminally ill and the doctors may not be able to prolong our lives for the better. Whilst we are still sane and able to communicate clearly, we can express our wishes to allow our partners legally to make the decision to spare us from further suffering and be allowed to die naturally, sparing any further medical bills and burdens.
For those with business interests, we are also able to legally appoint our partners to be the beneficiaries to these interests should we be pass away or be decapacitated such that we lose the ability to function for the business.
There are many other parts of our lives where we may need to legally ensure that we want can be done. These come with much understanding of the matter on hand and with the professionals, get these properly in place.
At PRIDENT, our professionals in the legal, medical and other professional fields will be able to provide advice to these matters.

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