Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Often put aside by the LGBTQ+ community, insurance planning is actually key to ensuring the community survives the major crises in their lives- physically and financially.

Insurance is about ensuring that one has the financial capabilities to deal with the medical bills whilst possibly taking time off from work without pay to recuperate without worries, thereafter continuing life as if it was a sabbatical break, or to pass on peacefully leaving behind a legacy and estate to his/her loved ones of choice.

At PRIDENT, our financial advisor partners will provide 1-1 consultation on your LGBTQ+ insurance and financial services needs:

  1. hospital and surgical financial needs
  2. accidental death/disability payouts and medical reimbursement coverage
  3. disability income due to accidents or illnesses (including mental illness)
  4. illnesses – early, intermediate, critical and terminal stages
  5. total permanent disability
  6. eventual death

Please drop us an enquiry at and our financial advisors will schedule a free discussion with you.


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