Business and Startups

Business and Startups

The LGBTQ+ community have many leaders in the field of business. What’s to deny we have a fair market share of successful businesses (touch your heart, you will support one business more when you know the owner is a part of the community right?).

Business is not about being just passionate on what you are doing. You need to have the arms of knowledge in fields no lesser than an octopus, perform your duties like a swan paddling thru the lake and yet, constantly rake in the profits to keep the business growing, whilst still looking after the various issues that spam us day in day out.

From marketing to accounting, taking care of the legal aspects to understanding how to manage worker’s expectations, there is nothing one entrepreneur can even master and every entrepreneur learns on a daily basis. We hear of change is the only constant. Especially in current times, you need to adapt as soon as the business environment changes. You are either in a state of survival or in a state of growth.

At PRIDENT, our business owners and community have much to share.

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