Volunteer for Prident

  • Are you a member or an ally of our LGBTQ+ community?
  • Have you always wanted to do something to support the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Do you have some time you could spare to volunteer your skills for a cause you feel passionately about?

If yes, come talk to us at Prident.

As a LGBTQ+ collective, we are constantly looking for volunteers with unique skills to join us, and together do something meaningful for our community.

If you are interested in joining our Prident family drop us an email at info@prident.co or PM us on Instagram or Facebook!

P.S. We do want to highlight that we are a pro-bono voluntary group that came together in hopes to bring value to the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore with regards to professional advice in finance, real estate, legal, medical, accountancy etc services. Work at Prident are voluntary and done for the passion of the community, and we are constantly looking for folks who can contribute with fresh ideas, to create content so we can share with the LGBTQ+ community.

We are currently looking for (but not limited to):

If making a solid business presentation and closing a deal is what drives you, we want you as our BD rep. You will be fronting Prident in the corporate sector, building relationships and pitching ideas with large companies and SMEs on setting up Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) programs, LGBTQ+ workshops and events sponsorship to help fund Prident’s daily operations. 
You will: 
  • Connect with large companies and SMEs to introduce the value proposition of Prident
  • Pitch to companies in SG that have an interest in Diversity & Inclusion within their company 
  • Present and provide quotations to the companies
  • Generate revenue for Prident to sustain daily operations
  • Increase client base and maintain good relationship with the various parties
  • Preferably have a background in sales or business development, sponsorship and events.
Are you a stylist, an art director, a designer, an illustrator all packed into one? Do you enjoy doodling and toying with logos and colors and take great pain to ensure you find the perfect fonts for every design you do?  At Prident, we are looking for a Creative Lead who wears many hats to help drive the creative art direction of the group - the look and feel of content we create, eg. website design, our logo, our mascot, our video content and  all our postings on social media.
You will: 
  • Work with the heads on the creative direction, style guide of Prident
  • Work with various team to create graphics/infographics/contents for social media
  • Work with Social Media team on the release of contents
  • Art direct and conceptualize videos/short films 
  • Provide updates to all during meetings
  • You should have a background and experience in graphics design, and art direction in a creative environment.
You will be working closely with the Creative lead to create content for Prident! You may be required to be a photographer/videographer for the various subject pillars from time to time for smaller projects. For major projects you will be the main person, the photographers/videographers for liaison.
You will: 
  • Work with creative lead to ensure timely delivery of contents
  • Assist in content creation as needed
  • Videography / filming of contents
  • Photographer/videographer for the subject pillars on smaller projects
  • Liaise with external photographers / videographers for major projects
  • You should have experience in photography and video filming and editing.
If the 4Ps (or maybe more today) means anything to you, and you enjoy taking a brand from zero and making it the talk of the town, we want to hear from you. At Prident, we are looking for a proactive Marketing Lead who is passionate about our cause and have the drive to take the collective to the next level.
You will: 
  • Work with the group head on a marketing plan and execution timeline
  • Drive awareness, engagement and numbers for Prident
  • Constantly come up with marketing ideas together with various pillar heads.
  • Manage the PR activities and outreach to key media partners
  • Work closely with creative lead & subject pillars for launching of marketing program
  • Oversee digital marketing activities with the digital marketing person.
  • Update on the overall traffic across various channels to the stakeholders
  • Provide updates & feedbacks to all during meetings
  • You should have some in-house/agency marketing communication and PR experience.
Are you hooked on at least 5 social media platforms? Or are you a social media influencer who takes pride in engaging with your thousands of followers? Or you are crazy on analytics and can decode massive data and understand the logarithms impact on users. If any of these make sense to you( more than us), then we want you!!!
You will: 
  • Help to ensure timely scheduling and update of content on website and social media channels
  • Curate contents with the subject pillars that will be suitable for Prident
  • Monitor the contents traffic and update Social Media Lead on the outcome
  • Interact and engage and help grow followers
  • Work with marketing lead closely on realizing the digital marketing plan
  • Work with project management team to role contents for for pre-events
  • Study analytics and provide a summary to the team at each month’s meeting.
  • You should have experience in digital marketing
    • Understand data analytics (Google, Facebook and key platforms)
    • Worked on website CMS (e.g. WordPress, Squarespace )
    • Experience running successful FB campaigns, PPC on Google etc..
If you are interested in joining our Prident family drop us an email at Info@prident.co or PM us on Instagram or Facebook!

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