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Why I Buy Insurance as a Queer Person

Why I Buy Insurance as a Queer Person   As a queer person in Singapore, the prospect of settling down and starting a family appears to be a distant pipe dream. I couldn’t plan ahead because I didn’t think I had enough choices. As a result, I’ve spent the majority of my life living in […]

Introduction to Investments

Investments – everyone knows about it, some are doing it, but most are not sure how to go about doing it. As an individual in the LGBTQ+ community, it is important that we equip ourselves with at least the basic knowledge for various personal goals (e.g. buying your own place, planning for your transition surgery, […]

“Stepping Up” Was Not The Original Title

A passed me a whiskey sour and sat across me. It’s been a good month or so since I’ve moved into this home. Topic of the evening was A’s work on dementia. That’s how our conversations go – from finding out the neighbours have 2 dogs, to the much discussed FICA; and N’s work on […]

Prident Webinar: HDB Home Ownership for LGBTQ+

The above replay of the webinar will be available here till 30 June as part of Pink Fest 2021.   On the 10 June, Prident organised a webinar as part of the Pink Fest program line up. Co-founder and realtor William Tan shared information about planning and buying an HDB flat in Singapore as an […]

Planning Your Finances Towards Surgery

In 1973, Singapore legalised sex-reassignment surgery. Post-operative transsexual people can change the legal gender on their identity cards (but not their birth certificates). This is probably when most of us start looking for ways to update our gender on that pink card.  Dealing with medical finance is an issue that we cannot afford to stuff into […]

Do Not Be Exposed… Cover Yourself with Health Insurance

Let’s talk about health insurance, shall we? Health insurance is part and parcel of everyone’s life, no matter which community you are from. For a simple reason, medical costs in Singapore don’t come cheap. While the room and board charges can be low, this is only a portion of the total make up of your […]


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