Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community


Think Prudently. Live Proudly.

Our Mission
To empower the LGBTQ+ community with holistic financial knowledge and solutions so they can gain a sense of financial security.
What we do?
  • We are a professional LGBTQ+ collective aiming to serve the community by offering advise on wider financial matters such as financial planning, insurance, real estate and investments.
  • We will create free educational content, organise workshops and fund raising events to benefit the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore.
Our Mascot
Our mascot is a cloud because behind every cloud there is a rainbow waiting to shine outwards. you hardly hear of anyone not exclaiming “look theres a rainbow!”
we at prident aspire to show you the rainbow behind the clouds of doubt and our cloud is always smiling because we know thats what you will be doing after the rainbow appears with knowledge to power through life's challenges

What we do?

Empowering The Community.

Property Advisory
Insurance Planning
Finance & Investments
Personal Development
Legal & Estate Planning
Business and Startups

The Team

Leading The Discussion

We are a collective of LGBTQ+ professionals with skills and experience in financial planning, real estate and loan and mortgage and estate planning. We hope to serve as a panel for discussion on the related topics to benefit everyone in the community.

Jyun Kai

Financial Services

Jie Bin

Financial Services

Tham Wan Yi

Product Management, Ex-Financial Services

Lam Pak Nian

Legal and Estate Planning

William Tan

Real Estate Advisory

Corin Seah

Financial Services

Kelvyn Choo

Financial Services




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