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Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community


Think Prudently. Live Proudly.

Our Mission
To empower the LGBTQ+ community with holistic knowledge and resources so they can gain professional and personal development, legal awareness and financial independence.
What we do?
  • We are a professional LGBTQ+ affirming collective serving the community by offering advise on wider financial matters such as financial planning, real estate, legal/estate planning, and professional development.
  • We will create free educational content, organise workshops and fund raising events to benefit the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore.

Serving the Community

The Power of Knowledge

There is a severe lack of information and education on topics related to personal financial management for the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore. PRIDENT serves to fill this gap and encourage participation from the community through active conversation and sharing of useful knowledge.


What we do?

Empowering The Community.

Property Advisory
Insurance Planning
Finance & Investments
Personal Development
Legal & Estate Planning
Business and Startups

Featured Articles


Property Advisory William Tan Many LGBTQ+ think of home ownership too late. I want to help them to start planning early so they can enjoy the benefits as they get older. >Read More Financial Services Kelvyn Choo “Every community is unique. I strive to serve my own LGBTQ+ community as I can best relate to and walk the journey with.” Read more Financial Services Corin Seah I always believe in the Chinese saying of “施比受更有福” which means you find more happiness in the acts of giving than taking. Read More

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Whether you have an enquiry about our services or would like to be a volunteer at Prident to serve the LGBTQ+ community, we welcome you to drop us a note and we will contact you in a jiffy.

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